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Continue writing blog after more than 1 year

Before this I used Sepaku Hosting as my hosting and domain for this blog. After they closed the domain, I do not know how to retrieve back my blog.Fortunately, when Googling, I found that they affiliate with Shinjiru hosting.

After that, I contact many time to solve migration of new domain. Then I successfully change to Shinjiru and they gave me Mynic detail, so I can edit my domain name nameserver. Then I apply free student hosting with Shinjiru. I just upload student card and email them all details. After approved I can edit my blog and site.

Unfortunately, the subdomain not properly redirect, cannot be access and it change to I contact customer support and nothing can be helped. Today I just add * to subdomain and magically all domain is back. Unfortunately, my blog in Google listing is taken out. So, nobody will find my blog in Google. It take time to be appear at Google search engine.

Moral of the story, do not buy cheap domain hosting with Malaysian hosting, it is only RM5 and I lost my blog for 1 year. I do not know why, the Free Standard Viper Shinjiru hosting give me unlimited bandwiths, subdomains, and database. I hope this hosting will live forever with no problem.

I also very sad because all images that I upload at this blog is also missing the another blog is also have same problem.