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Fake eBay seller (hottestgadget)

I have bought item that is cannot use when I received at my hand.
I have return the item to the seller hand.
The seller promise at eBay message that they will replace new one or give refund and pay shipping cost that I return the item.
I have reply their message many times.
Until now, I don’t receive anything and I have sent many message to the seller, but they do not respond.

What I want now is replacement to the item or give refund and pay for shipping cost.

They try to take time for me to return the broken item that they give to me, so that I cannot report to eBay or PayPal for their tricks because eBay and PayPal limit 45 days to report.

This is my period or time situation:

  1. I receive item in 3 weeks
  2. I communicate with seller 1 week,
  3. I return the item and they receive back item in 3 week.
  4. After that they silent because I cannot report to eBay and PayPal because too long time they give to report.

This is fake eBay seller:

Name:        Chan Wing Fai
Seller’s ID:        hottestgadget
Seller’s Email:

Below is the last message I received:

To:  mohamadafiza
From:  hottestgadget
Sent:  Feb-01-12 09:38 PM

Dear customer
Sorry to bother you, we have received the item you return to us, so you want to the new item or refund the money back to you, also would you please tell us the shipping fee you have paid.
Have a good day
Best regards

– hottestgadget



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